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Wealth and Climate Competitiveness:
The New Narrative on Business and Society

Written by
Best Selling Author, Bruce Piasecki

Climate Competitiveness

What is Climate Competitiveness?

Over the last century and more, there has been a tense relationship between business and society, and how they interact with each other. A set of prejudices on both sides lead to a general understanding that business and society were at odds, especially when it came to our planet and the effects of climate change. 

However, by the end of the 20th century, a new social contract began to emerge. Business and society, wealth and the commonwealth, began to be perceived as intimately related. With this change, I believe that we have reached a turning point toward a better future, which is rooted in a new concept:

climate competitiveness.

Dry Dead Trees

"At its core, climate competitiveness is about using your business, with all the tools of capitalism, to address and respond to large social demands. "

Wealth and Climate Competitiveness Book

Many of the central concerns of the 21st century—racial inequity, white supremacy movements, greater inclusiveness of  diverse peoples—are rooted in facing and overcoming prejudices, both popular and hidden. Another great challenge—the  role of wealth and innovation in solving the climate crisis—is also riddled with disabling prejudices about how corporations  work, and about the rights and needs of consumers and world citizens. 


In Piasecki’s 21st book, he explores how wealth, both private and corporate, can assist the path to climate competitiveness.  Using the examples of select firms like Trane Technologies and oil giants like the transforming bp, Bruce Piasecki’s  new book opens eyes. He argues that a set of five recurring prejudices have held up, from 1900 to 2020, real progress on  climate action. His chapters are designed to define climate competitiveness as a path to solutions that decarbonize,  decentralize, and digitize our near future. 


— Dominic Emery, former chief of staff of bp and distinguished engineer, Board Member

"The importance of narrative and storytelling comes through loud and clear in Piasecki’s new book. His sourcing is rich and wonderful on competition and social needs. Like in his prior books, we can hear the nascent tales of today becoming the truisms of tomorrow."

The Voice of the CEO
An Anthology on the Path to Climate Competitiveness

Written by
Best Selling Author, Bruce Piasecki


Bruce Piasecki has written the New York Times and USA Today bestseller Doing More with Less. He preceded that with a book on globalization translated widely World Inc after its release in 2007. Recently, a set of seven biographies on leaders on wealth and social impact are being collected and updated in a 2024 title Great Contemporaries.


Since 1981, Bruce Piasecki founded and remains the chair of the AHC Group, a change management firm that has advised Walgreens, Toyota, and other Fortune 500 in multi-year change councils. In 2020, he established with his wife, the editor, Andrea Carol Masters, an endowed Creative Force Foundation that awards book writers under 40 on Business and Society.


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